Sunday, 24 July 2011

Next blog

Okay guys and girls, i'm giving you a choice as to what my next blog should be about.

1) How to build your own PC
2) How to install water cooling
3) See how far I can push an i5 2500k with a cheap (£20) cooler.
4) Something else (I want your input and ideas) So leave ideas in comments.

Cheers peeps


  1. The first one would be most relevant for me right now.

  2. All of the above, in that order!

  3. Really interested in point 2 and 3 ;-)

  4. I'd say number two, but also go a bit into how you maintain a water cooler as well. :)

  5. I vote for number one as I think it will give you many more subjects for various posts than the other options. keep it up and good luck with whatever you choose.